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"...Just a quick note to express our appreciation for all your help with purchasing our first home!

We had no idea what we were in for but your knowledge of the sales process and tips on what to ask and look out for has saved us THOUSANDS as we were both emotionally attached..."

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What to Buy?
Buying a house? Want to buy your first property? My first house purchase?
We can help you find what to buy.

When you're buying a house and you have your finances and locations in order – it’s time to decide on your home style. Are you thinking ... "my first house should be a unit, single, double story, modern, open plan, pool" ... the options are endless. Do you want to renovate or extend? What is your preferred garden size? Would you like outdoor entertaining facilities?

Sometimes, the decisions that have to be made in relation to a first property or house purchase can be overwhelming. Don't worry, we are here to help as we've helped many others with the many decisions related to a house purchase.

We’ve helped singles and couples plan and identify what style of property they need to buy when they are thinking about buying a house or particularly those purchasing their first property. This clarity saves time and disappointment while house hunting or when you are buying a house. It’s important to have clear guidelines for your property style; otherwise, you waste a lot of time looking at [sometimes] digitally enhanced photos of properties – instead of walking through the property.

Once you begin inspecting a number of properties, it’s important to keep track of your likes and dislikes so you can easily recall properties you have inspected. Buyers Home Base has created an easy to complete inspection checklist – download/call us to receive your copy.

If you fail to plan – you plan to fail. By recording your thoughts and ratings from open house inspections you attend, your house purchase preferences become clear.

Start reviewing properties you've inspected by contacting us for our exclusive "Inspection Property Review Report". It's free and we're happy to send a copy to you to help you when you are about to buy "my first house"!

Contact us when buying a house or considering a house purchase

Buyers Home Base offer a flat fee Buyers Agent or Buyers Advocate service for those buying a house and particulrly those buying their first property in Victoria or Melbourne.

Contact us via telephone on 1300 882 842, send us an email to or submit a request for a Free Consultation.

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