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Reviews & Testimonials

As Melbourne Buyers Agents, everyday we're helping home buyers, especially First Home Buyers, purchase their home. Here's some of their stories and reviews of our services.

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Buyers Agents Testimonials

Joyce was absolutely brilliant in helping us purchase our first home. Big hugs and thanks from us;

Thanks so much Joyce
Michael Worobec
March 22, 2018

Engaging Jo-Anne to guide and assist with purchasing our first home was the best thing we could have done.

New to the Australian property market we found Jo's knowledge, expertise and guidance invaluable. From the first meeting where Jo asked a lot of questions, got to know us and helped us in determining what really mattered to us, to the final meeting when a call on a Friday afternoon resulted in us purchasing our ideal home, Jo was there for us when we needed it.

Jo's patience and skill was evident a number of times when we found properties that seemed Ok, ticked some but not all of our needs & wants and in each case Jo seemed to know the right question to ask that helped us make the right call each time. Jo's honesty and frankness was appreciated, always there for a call about this or a question about that. It made the whole experience far less stressful and meant that when the right property became available, we got the right outcome!

Our sincerest thanks to Jo and Buyers Home Base
Karl Hunt
March 18, 2018

First home buyers testimonial. A Buyers Agents Melbourne Review As first home buyers, my wife and I decided to engage the services of Buyers Home Base-and we are incredibly glad that we did!

With the amazing support of Julie, Anna and Mal, we were guided along every step of the way, which made this rather overwhelming task a lot less daunting. Both Julie and Anna were thorough during the search for a property in the areas we identified and Mal was a shining star on auction day with her successful bidding strategy.

We are thankful to all three women who made the purchasing of our first home so memorable. We couldn’t be more thrilled to move into it shortly.

Thanks ladies!
Robert Orme
March 4, 2018

We have been very happy with Buyers Home Base and Anna Aoun our advocate in finding us a home with our limited budget. We are very impressed with Anna. She is very knowledgeable, helpful, understanding and efficient. We would have no hesitation in recommending her to others wishing to buy a house.Thank you very much Anna and Buyers Home Base.

Tim and Julie Howells
March 2, 2018

As both of us from abroad, buying a property was going to be as hard as finding a "needle in a haystack" especially with all the sharks wanting our money and selling dream in a shoe box.

Luckily a friend of mine recommended Buyers Home Base advocate.

We had several meeting with Mal our advocate, wanted to know about us and what we were looking. She asked the right questions to be able to start her research. We were all the time in contact, emailing me back so quickly in the evening. Mal is a very professional advocate and I can only recommend her.

She came with us to see an off plan property and after several hours of very precise questions and research done before. We finally signed few days later.

Mal is very calm, knows the property market very well.

It is a great asset and peace of mind to have those kind of people happy to help a first home buyer and to not fall into the Piranha soup.

Sylvain Taupenas
February 24, 2018

I'm so glad that I engaged Jo-Anne to help with purchasing my first home.

Admittedly, I didn't know what I was doing and felt like a "babe in the woods", so having professional support through what can be a stressful and harrowing process was invaluable.

Jo was patient with my evolving requirements, was happy to follow up any leads on properties I fancied (even if they were likely to be out of my range), and was quick and responsive. I felt like I was her only client - although I know I wasn't.

Not having to deal with selling agents is worth the money by itself!

What particularly impressed me about Jo was her integrity. At one point when I was confused about where I was at and what I wanted, we were poised on making an offer on a place that in hindsight really wasn't suitable for me. Jo had the nous to pick up that I wasn't certain and asked some excellent questions to help clarify things. She then allowed me to take a few months' hiatus while I got myself sorted, then was happy to pick up again once I was clearer.

I successfully bought a property only weeks later! And it's brilliant - I'm so happy. And I have no doubt that Jo's professional skills on auction day got me over the line. In tense auction situations, having someone level-headed to do the work for you is invaluable. I just had to go for a walk and wait for the call!

Thank you Jo and Buyers Home Base
Carla Neale
February 16, 2018

We recently moved back to Victoria after a couple of years away interstate.

We used Buyers Home Base and Jo-Anne Davies was amazing support. Her professionalism, detail and confidence she provided us during the process was greatly appreciated, particularly at a time moving states and buying our new house 3 days before Christmas!

We can thoroughly recommend Buyers Home base to anyone who wants to get a great deal done for that home you have always wanted.

Thank you Jo-Anne for doing all the ground work for us!
Mandy O'Connor
February 2, 2018

I cannot recommend Buyers Home Base highly enough.

Julie not only negotiated a successful purchase on day three of her engagement by me, but also saved me 50K. This should stand on its own as a ringing endorsement, but what this doesn't speak to is the humour, compassion, commercial acumen and smarts that Julie brings to the table. Thanks, Julie, for being an amazing guide, coach and support throughout what would have otherwise been an expensive and nightmarish process.

Alexandra Marriott
January 22, 2018

I just wanted to thank Jo for her amazing hard work.

I was looking to purchase my first home and not being from Victoria, Jo was able to step me through the whole process. In the end Jo found me an amazing apartment through a private sale. If it wasn’t for Jo I would never have found the property!

Thank you so much, I would recommend Jo to any first home buyer unsure of the property market. Her knowledge, support and guidance throughout the house hunting made the whole process much easier. I could not have done it without her! Thanks again Jo much appreciated.

Carly Bertram
January 21, 2018

First time home buyers testimonial. Buyers Advocates Melbourne Review It was our first time buying a property and Jo-Anne Davies was nothing short of brilliant from start to finish.

Very informative and good to deal with, she helped us through an amazingly tight schedule to get our top priority property.

A big thank you for getting us across the line!
Alister Rebelo
January 20, 2018

Thank you Mal and Buyers Home Base!!

With Mals support I realised my dream of buying my first home. She was patient and supportive the whole way through, and was such a star at the auction. Buyers Home Base bought me peace of mind, would highly recommend.

Liz Shaw
December 21, 2017

Mal Baltrop’s vast knowledge and expertise in property has been invaluable. Her unwavering support and guidance has really made the purchasing process so much smoother.

Without her highly tuned intuition in play, involving switching tactics to put in a (successful) prior offer before auction – I don’t think we would have been able to purchase this property and our long running house hunting adventure would be continuing!

To any potential home buyers, arm yourself with every possible advantage and engage Mal and Buyers Home Base to help seal the deal- like she did for us!

Sean Kierce
December 20, 2017

*****Excellent service by MAL BARTROP*****

The most experienced buyers agent I have ever come across. Bought a beautiful property with her assistance within 2 weeks of contacting her and an excellent outcome.

Her experience in the market is worth every cent I paid for the services.


Jimmy Singh
December 19, 2017

Buyer's Home Base is first class. We secured our property with Mal, and could not have done so without her strategic approach and industry nous. We were able to be patient, stick with the strategy and secure an amazing property.

As first home buyers, we certainly couldn't have done so well without having Mal's support, and her ability to keep us on course. Mal is very responsive, and listens to you, and knows how to offer the right advice to help you in your decision-making.

We didn't let emotion dictate the process, and in the end, we can now celebrate having made the right decision. Highly recommend Buyer's Home Base, and their absolute focus and commitment to their clients. Would definitely use them again.

Rebecca McParland
December 18, 2017

Jo-Anne Davies of Buyer's Home Base was referred to us and we highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for expert advice and support in buying a Melbourne home.

We sought out her expertise for 3 main reasons and we're glad that we did:
1. We did not know the Melbourne neighbourhoods or schools.
2. We needed assistance through an auction process.
3. We needed an advocate who could leverage her real estate connections to get inside information on prices, properties, and more.

We bought our home about 1-2 months after connecting with Jo-Anne. Our neighbourhoods, schools, and amenities / area services are fantastic.

As we needed some renovations done, she also provided us a recommendation to get started. This referral did not cost us a cent! Other agents may get a referral fee only if they recommend certain people. We felt Jo-Anne recommended the best company for our job (full stop).

We are on track to have a beautifully finished home only about 4 months after starting with Buyer's Home Base.

Thank you for your invaluable support Jo-Anne!
Michelle Lue-Reid
December 17, 2017

Julie helped secure my investment property in Epping Melbourne. Julie helped focus my search on key growth areas and managed the buying process perfectly. We secured the house at an awesome price without going to auction ! The whole process took less than 3 weeks - awesome service! Highly recommend

Eoin O Ruanaidh
December 17, 2017

Buying your first property can brings so much anxiety. Mal was truly accommodating in working within my time frames and budget.

The strong Melbourne property market, is like running an endless marathon which resulted in a prolonged break of searching. Unexpectedly I came across a place that met all my requirements, one call Mal followed up, we inspected together mid week Wednesday night, placed a strategic offer on Thursday and acceptance on Friday.

Having Mal around walking every step of the way without any family consultation gave me confidence in making a prompt quick decision. It was a rare find, the negotiation she conducted on my behalf in the background saved me $9,000 of the current asking price, which will go into home renovations.

Buying a home is an ART, make sure you get the right advice before making a long term financial decision.

Joanne Lui
December 13, 2017

Amazing service. Joyce went above and beyond to help us secure our first home.

I would highly recommend.

Kevin Banchero
December 13, 2017

Julie helped us purchase our next home. She saved us a ton of money and got us the place we want to call home. We would not have been able to get such a good deal without Julies help. Her friendliness and knowledge kept us calm and centred while she did all the hard bargaining.

Julie you and your business are fabulous and I would recommend you to anyone wishing to purchase a property.

You are amazing.
Anne Stuart
December 8, 2017

A huge thanks to Jo-Anne Davies who made my property dream a reality!

If there was an award for "Most patient human being", there'd be no contenders against Jo-Anne. I had very specific requirements for a property which made it incredibly difficult to find one on the market within my budget. Jo-Anne was relentless though, regularly calling agents on all of the properties we looked into, giving me advice and keeping in regular, and proactive, contact with me.

Jo-Anne seriously proved herself last weekend when I finally purchased a property! We thought the house would go for too much so focused on other houses, but it looks like others did the same as we did! After being passed in, Jo-Anne ran around calling the agent and a conveyancer to get the low-down, as well as to ensure I had my ducks in a row before making an offer. She patiently walked through the house with me later than afternoon, and supported me in making a very reasonable offer.

There's absolutely no way I would have been able to get ready to make an offer on a property within 5 hours of it being passed in!! Jo-Anne made it happen!

I'm incredibly appreciative of the fact that I was referred to Jo-Anne.

Thank you so much Jo-Anne. I really appreciate you helping make my property dream come true!

Michael Casha
November 19, 2017

We found a property we loved and wanted to make an offer prior to auction, so we engaged Buyers Home Base to negotiate for us.

Julie's advice and negotiation on our behalf was invaluable and we are thrilled with the result!

Thank you Julie and Buyers Home Base!
Hamish Moffatt
November 13, 2017

From Rye to Reservoir - Julie helped me to purchase with my head and not with my heart. It's not the first home I've purchased but it's certainly the one that meant the most to me.

On Auction day Mal went in hard. Her strategy for knocking out the competition meant that we were in a great position right from the onset. There was no way she was walking away without a successful purchase.

As a home buyer, I cannot recommend Buyer's Home Base enough. I truly could not have done this on my own (far too emotional) I cannot thank you guys enough. We love our new home and can't wait for the next chapter to begin.

Thanks so much!
Mary Anastasiou
November 1, 2017

Selling your property can be a very daunting task as you have to pick the right agent, get the right marketing plan and selling strategy.

time and we highly recommend her and her team if you're thinking of selling. Buyers Home Base shares the commissions with the appointed agent so it doesn't cost you any extra $$$. Julie is efficient, honest and she genuinely cares about her clients. She will make sure that your selling agent delivers everything she promised and she’ll manage all communications with the agent so it's definitely worth it.

Would highly recommend to anyone looking at selling!

Thanks Julie
Bertrand Buffet
October 15, 2017

As first home buyers we recognised that we were not experienced in the property market. The enormity of the task was huge, so much to consider and so many wrong turns to take.

Julie and Buyer's Home Base gave us the confidence and reassurance we needed, especially when we second guessed our decisions. She was there to listen and also use her experience to offer advice we hadn't thought of ourselves. Julie was really clear and very strategic with the process, giving us an edge over other buyers!

We've now bought our first home and couldn't be happier or done it without Julie.

Tim Davis
September 26, 2017

Had an amazing experience; Julie helped me buy my first investment property and was there every step of the way. Very professional and supportive from start to finish.

Was a pleasure working with her and the team at buyers home base. Will be calling again for my next investment.

Thanks again
Jayk Gunton
September 11, 2017

I was terrified of bidding alone at auction and probably missing out on homes as a consequence. Read an article in the newspaper about just that and how a buyers advocate can help. Gave Julie DeBondt a call and with Mal Bartrop in charge on the day, I was successful at auction for the house I wanted 3 days later! The team were fantastic, advising on realistic price, devising a bidding strategy and negotiating with the agent. Mal has nerves of steel and a wealth of information both pre and post auction.

Thanks team!
Suzanne Rogers
September 4, 2017

A family friend recommended Buyer's First Home Base to help us break into the property market after many months of being the underbidder at auction. Julie was straight on the front foot, chasing up agents, asking the hard questions and putting in offers to grab places before they went under the hammer. We missed one by a slim margin, and there was even some off market opportunities she found for us, but in the end she bid for us and we bought our first place at auction for an amazing price. Even the auctioneer said she was intimidating!

We fully recommend Buyer's Home Base to even the odds against all those auction-focused agents out there trying to squeeze every dollar from you. Having someone on your side to cut through the bullcrap works wonders, and we couldn't be happier. I hope this becomes the way everyone buys a home, it works.

Tom Muller
August 14, 2017

We engaged Buyers Home Base to help us find a family home on North East Melbourne. Having never purchased a house before, we were dwarfed by the enormity of the process ahead of us and wanted to find someone who could be on 'our side'.

Working with Julie and then Mal, we felt that we were in expert (and caring) hands. Not only did they give us honest and sound advice, they worked tirelessly to help us find the right house at the right price. Their intimate knowledge of the property market was immensely helpful and their support in guiding us through all the ups and downs of buying property really made all the difference. We couldn't have secured a better home without their help and we honestly feel that Mal's strategy saved us thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. We would happily recommend their services.

Audrey Jacometti
August 12, 2017

Great service, fast response and great deal

Thanks Mal
Anil Malik
August 12, 2017

As a first home buyer, it was invaluable to have Buyers Home Base working with us to find the right home. Searching for, negotiating and perhaps bidding on property was not something I looked forward to. Jo-Anne was helpful from the very beginning, listening to our needs, the types of properties we were drawn to, and also providing suggestions we hadn’t thought of.

Jo-Anne was always available, and helped to answer all of our questions along the way, and being a first-time buyer we had many.

Without any experience in the real-estate market, and knowing we must be careful when speaking with real-estate agents, having someone who was honest and experienced on our side was so beneficial. Jo-Anne put things into perspective and made a big task manageable. She helped us narrow our search and focus on the properties that really did meet our needs and budget.

We found the perfect home, knew straight away, and Jo-Anne was on hand to give us the right advice on how to make the offer, then liaised with the estate-agents on our behalf. With her knowledge and guidance, she placed our one and only offer, was successful and we will soon move into our dream home.

Each encounter with Buyers Home Base left us feeling at ease. I would recommend Jo-Anne and Buyers Home Base to anyone buying property; from first home buyers to investors.

Kelly Louise Williams
August 3, 2017

Thanks so much to Mal helping me buy an investment property. She did all the leg work for me... so all I had to do was view a few properties. All the headaches of dealing with real estate agents, plus the final negotiations, she handled brilliantly for me. And we ended up getting a good house at a great price - all done in only a few weeks!

Christina Cheng
July 26, 2017

Jo-Anne's support and advice throughout the buying process was invaluable. Her communication was fantastic and allowed my partner and I to feel as though we were being supported the whole time. We would not buy another property without her help.

Thank you Jo-Anne!
Mikaela Redlich
July 11, 2017

Melbourne Buyers Agent Review Huge thanks to Mal from Buyers Home Base for helping us buy our first home!

We were recommended the service by our mortgage broker and couldn't have been happier! Mal's knowledge and experience was invaluable, and guided us at every step of the way to making a great purchase! Her expertise and willingness to go the extra mile made all the difference to the end result, and helped us buy a property much closer in than we would have been able to achieve on our own!

We're already looking forward to working with Mal again in the future to find property #2!

Huge thanks to you Mal
Nathan & Liv Morrow
July 9, 2017

We received great help from Joyce, in finding & investigating many properties so we could find a good deal in purchasing an investment property. Big thumbs up

Luke Holman
July 2, 2017

The lovely Jo-Anne Davies assisted my parents in selling the family home of 50+ years. The transaction from start to finish was seamless, lucrative and completely painless - an off market sale made everything so simple and completely stress free for my parents. Jo-Anne expertly managed the relationship between them and the agent and they were so delighted knowing the family who bought the house will give it the happy future it deserves.

Thank you Jo - we couldn't be happier with the results.

Katharine Garner
June 23, 2017

We were recommended Buyers Home Base by 2 friends and were very happy with the service. We were looking for an investment property to move into in a few years and Mal was a pocket rocket. We went to a few inspections and Mal was in her element, she had lots of questions for the estate agents and would catch them out with some things they advised us of. She was very protective of us and we really appreciated her attention to detail during the signing of the contracts as there were some things that the estate agent was doing incorrect that she was very quick to pick up on.

We have now purchase a lovely home and would not have bought it for the price we did without her help and persistence! We bought approx. $40k below listing price, using a buyers advocate really saved us and would have no hesitation using Mal again.

Thanks Mal
Rachel Taylor
June 22, 2017

Jo-anne was wonderful to work with. She patiently and wisely helped us through our house purchasing process. We can't thank her enough for all the support given us. Definitely will recommend her to others.

Leila KA
May 27, 2017

We can’t thank Jo-Anne enough for her assistance in both selling our property and buying our new home. Jo was amazing to work with – she was professional, honest, knowledgeable, friendly, efficient and had great market intel. Jo was always available and went over and above the service level that we anticipated. Nothing was ever too hard. She made what can be an extremely stressful process so much easier.

We are over the moon with the end result of our sale and purchase. We highly recommend Jo to anybody looking to sell their property or buy a property. Especially those that are time poor and don’t have experience in the real estate industry. It really is worth the investment which by the way is much less than we thought it would be.

Thanks again Jo!
Michelle Hartley
May 18, 2017

Buying a house in Melbourne while living in Sydney, we couldn't have done it without Mal and Buyers Home Base. Not only was Mal lovely to deal with, but she is extremely knowledgeable about the Melbourne property market. She pushed to get our dream home off the market prior to auction to ensure we would secure it. We couldn't be happier. She's made the whole complicated process seem very easy, especially from interstate.

Thanks again Mal.
Kate & Andrew McIntosh
May 16, 2017

Jo made buying our first house much less stressful.

She did all the work contacting agents and made sure we were looking at the right places. Having her take the stress away from bidding in the auction was worth the entire fee.

Mark Bleackley
May 13, 2017

We are so grateful to Julie from Buyers Home Base for her wonderful help during our house buying journey. As first home buyers we felt we lacked the knowledge and confidence to purchase a house by ourselves, but having Julie help us through this process made buying our family home a reality. Julie was always available to discuss any element of the process and made our house hunting efficient and more importantly, fun!! We are now the proud owners of a fantastic house in a suburb we had initially only hoped to buy in.

Julie, we couldn’t be more happy with how things have turned out!

To anyone looking to buy their first home (or second, or third etc.) we cannot recommend Buyers Home Base more highly - this is an excellent and affordable service that has definitely made the difference for us.

Emma Prato
May 4, 2017

We could not be happier with the service that Mal from Buyers Home Base gave us. As first home buyers it was a very daunting prospect, particularly with housing seemingly so unaffordable. Mal made us feel incredibly at ease and was on call for us whenever we needed to be talked off a ledge.

We went for a property at auction which with Mal's guidance we would never have been close to ready for. Mal bid for us and if it wasn't for that darn downsizer, she would have got it for us (went just over $600k and we wanted the stamp duty savings).

As it turns out it was a blessing in disguise as literally minutes after feeling depressed having missed out, she had another property for us to look at on the Monday. We signed the contract on the Friday.

All up we think the house hunting (after getting Mal on board) took less than a month. It would have been a lot longer with our her!!!

Thanks Mal!!!
Jacqui Gauci
April 18, 2017

We are so grateful to Jo-Anne Davies for helping us finally find our perfect family home!! She helped us focus our search when we had no idea where to start, motivated us to keep looking when it all seemed too hard, and ultimately found us a fabulous place off-market, in a suburb that we love!! Jo was always really responsive and easy to get a hold of, and regularly followed up with agents on our behalf, without us having to ask. She saved us so much time and angst by doing the follow-ups and negotiation for us, and made us feel comfortable about making such a huge investment. Thanks Jo - honestly not sure that we would have got there without you!

Sally Winzzanti
March 19, 2017

Julie is exceptional at what she does and put us totally at ease! I highly recommend her!!

Rachael Shiels
March 4, 2017

I had the pleasure of working with Julie on the exciting adventure of purchasing my first property. Being a first home buyer I knew little about the property market, what to look for, what questions to ask or the value of properties in order to make a reasonable offer.

Julie walked me through the whole process, she was available whenever I needed her and always got back to me with any questions I had. I felt important and always looked after. Julie was always emailing me with new properties to check out throughout, came to inspections with me and gave her expert opinion and knowledge to me 100% of the time.

I ended up purchasing a property in the bayside area that I am so beyond thrilled with and I most certainly could not have sealed the deal on such a fantastic property in such a fantastic location without her services. I would highly recommend Buyers Home Base to anybody, especially first home buyers like me. A thousand thank you's are not enough for everything you have done, Julie.

Chloe Felmingham
February 22, 2017

It's been a real pleasure working wit Julie and Mal.

We had a big list of requirements which was a big ask, but both Julie and Mal were extremely patient with us throughout the journey. Their knowledge and understanding of the market helped us make the right decision in choosing a lovely house which we will enjoy living in for a long time.

We highly recommend them....Thank you Julie and Mal...we couldn't have done this without you!

Genevieve Lobo
Febuary 5, 2017

David Ferguson from Buyers Home Base was amazing from our first meeting to the final inspection. The property David found us was perfect for our financial situation, we couldn't have asked for better service.

Time to start saving for another one!

Patrick Briefcase
January 16, 2017

My choice to use a buyers advocate was made by, firstly, accepting I had no experience with the realestate market and, secondly, admitting my knowledge of housing pitfalls was limited - as well as being a single-income young female who just needed support!

It was great to have someone to talk through options, logically run through pros and cons & educate me along the way. It was a quick turnaround time so I didn't get to experience the full skill set of a buyers advocate but i guess it just got me serious about buying because i found the property shortly after signing up and then purchased 3 days later. Julie gave me confidence in the potential of the property and I certainly saw the advantages of having her at the auction!!

Thanks Julie
Rachel Uberti
January 2, 2017

Great experience as we are not living in Melbourne and Julie was our eyes and feet on the ground.

Her advice and knowledge made life easy and quick as we had been looking for months.

Seth Appleton
December 13, 2016

I couldn't recommend Jo's services and expert advice higher! This was our first home and he input into the buying process was invaluable and saved us lots of money in the long run. We will be telling all of our friends about her!

Nick Hughes
December 5, 2016

Testimonial. Buyers Agent Melbourne Review After months of searching, it took Jo and David just 8 days to secure us a home.

For those who want to know what it's like, imagine having a real-estate parent holding your hand and setting realistic expectations. It was just that easy.

Cannot recommend Buyers Home Base enough.

Andy Leoszko
November 7, 2016

Working with Julie was such a joy!

We just bought our first home in Melbourne. Currently living in Sydney meant we were trying to do everything from a distance, but we felt in such safe hands with Julie and the Buyer's Home Base Team (shout out to Jo!). Julie's insider knowledge of the real estate industry and extensive list of contacts gives you such an advantage in the present market. That she and the rest of the team are such a pleasure to work with is a bonus!

Their support and knowledge demystified the whole process. Highly recommended.

Annika Anderson-Carter
October 22, 2016

Julie you were so great to work with, thanks for all your help to find my new home!

Anthony Breslin
September 13, 2016

We were first time buyers coming from Darwin on a tight time frame, Julie was amazing, she was quickly able to identify exactly what we wanted and locate it.

Her local knowledge and negotiating skills were awesome as we found a great home and saved $10k.

We would highly recommend her services to anyone.

Happy home owners
Jack & Angie Jones
August 30, 2016

Thank-you Buyers Home Base for helping us find our new home!

We were both so impressed with the services we received and owe a huge THANK YOU to Julie, who tackled our brief with enthusiasm and handled our indecision with the upmost professionalism to find us a property that ticked all the boxes for the right price! We would definitely recommend Buyers Home Base to everyone

Happy Homeowners
Kent and Lexi Barrett
August 13, 2016

The best home buyer support you could ever imagine.

Working with someone with Julie's understanding of the real estate market, her contacts with mortgage brokers and financial planners and her understanding of the needs of home buyers is invaluable.

We would not have bought the house we now have without her help. She was recommended to me by two of my colleagues at work (both happy with their new homes) and I would not hesitate in recommending the service to anyone overwhelmed by the current housing market.

Happy home owners
Karen Bloomberg
July 2, 2016

WOW What can we say!! We were so impressed! Just wanted to send our heartfelt thanks to Jo-Anne who helped us purchase our first home on Friday! After months and months of looking we were recommended to speak to Buyers Home Base, Jo and Julie came to our house after hours at a time that suited us and made us feel so comfortable and confident, that we knew immediately that we wanted to take them up on their services even before the end of the conversation.

The stress that Jo took out of our life was invaluable, from going to open house inspections on our behalf to liaising directing with the real estate agents to get a proper gage, to coming to an auction with us to see what it went for and consoling me when the water works came on, I thought all hope was lost to be honest by the time we meet them both! It was a long 6 months of heartache and wasted time before we found these life savers!

We found another house that we LOVED, of course but we didn't want to get our hopes up, Jo called the agent and arranged an afterhours inspection on our behalf, she then arranged another time for herself to go through and she too fell in love! Julie came to our house again afterhours to get us to fill in the contract of sale so that Jo could go and personally deliver the offer the next day! Still not wanting to get our hopes up, we waited for the news... On Friday afternoon, less than 24 hours after putting our offer in we had a call from Jo saying everything looked hopeful, we continued to liaise with Jo who was liaising with the real estate and then an hour later we got the call that the vendor had accepted OUR offer!!! There were tears of joy of course and lots of screaming!! Jo then told us step by step what to do and arranged for us to go into the office and officially sign the paper work! We were signing the paperwork and putting the sold sign up less than 24 hours after making an official offer!

We honestly do not believe we would have been successful in purchasing our dream home if it wasn't for Jo and her hard work, guidance and determination! She let me bounce ideas off her and gave me so much advice it was truly invaluable! I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Buyers Home Group and have already handed out Jo's card to friends! Thank you so much again Jo and Julie, we will be forever grateful for your services and cannot thank you enough! The joy in your voices when were successful was so heart-warming, we can tell you both love doing what you do and truly helping people!

Thank you again
Krystle and Dean Egginton (Home Owners!) xxx
May 9, 2016

My partner Jimmy and I were incrediblly anxious about heading into the world of the 'first home buyer' only a few short months ago. We are so happy to have hired the services of Julie DeBondt and Buyers Home Base who made the journey of finding our dream home such a breaze. Having Julie by our side with her extensive knowledge of Melbourne real estate and the processes of stepping into the market made the whole experience so enjoyable.

I couldn't recommend Julie and Buyers Home Base more!

Maddy Grace
May 9, 2016

We wanted to express our gratitude for the services offered by Buyers Home Base, and in particular, Luke Assigal who helped us purchase our first home!

Buying your first home is a big decision and we wanted to ensure that we were as well prepared as one could be to undertake such a big decision! When Luke first met with us, he took the time to understand who we were as individuals rather that jumping straight into a contract.

Luke's communication skills are exceptional. We never felt like we had to chase him up or wondered what the next step was for us. From the very beginning, Luke was very clear on the things we needed to organise and was able to put us in contact with the appropriate people. Luke made regular contact with us to get our thoughts on various homes and often joined us during our inspections. Luke took the time to explain the entire process of purchasing our first home and we never felt like we were left in the dark.

On the day of the auction (of our now purchased home), Luke was unable to attend, but through his excellent coordination skills, he was able to liaise with his colleague and ensure that we were accompanied to the auction and well looked after. While we only met Alan Barker on the day of the auction, he did a wonderful job of bidding and negotiating at the auction with us. As a result, we happily purchased our first home.

Luke followed up with us on the same day and offered his congratulations. We wished he was there to celebrate with us on the day as this was also a celebration of his hard work as well as the coordinated efforts and high standard of customer service from Buyers Home Base.

We wish to thank Luke Assigal, Alan Barker and Buyers Home Base for taking us under their wing in the purchase of our first home and removing the daunting elements of such a big decision.

With gratitude,
Gilda & Ruhi Humphries
March 16, 2016

We were approached by Joyce McCarthy from Buyers Home Base after we lost our first auction.

At this time, we didn't know much about real estate.

They were helpful in explaining all the legal aspects and advised on our choices. They have removed all the roadblocks we met. Communication was very efficient and we managed to buy the house of our dream in a short period of time. Furthermore, the price charged for their services was incredibly low.

I would encourage anyone who wants to buy a property to get a quote from Home Buyers Agent.

David Lehuby
February 8, 2016

A huge Thank you to Dorise Davies and Buyers Home Base for helping us buy our lovely property in Melbourne at a great price. Right from the start Dorise quickly grasped the type of property we were after and endeavored to only show us the prospective possibilities. After chatting and skyping several times, we flew in to view the potential properties which she had lined up.

Dorise was amazing! She had a constant attention to detail whilst maintaining our best interests throughout the process.

Her friendly, positive and cheerful attitude made it easy for us to relate to her. Her professionalism, expertise, dedication and persistence helped in liaising with the seller’s agent in negotiating one hard and fast offer which fitted our financial plan.

We would definitely recommend Buyers Home Base which is affordable (a huge plus) and specially Dorise Davies to anyone wishing to buy a property hassle free.

Reina Vaz
January 10, 2016

My husband and I had been thinking about purchasing a property in Melbourne for a couple of years, with no idea what we really wanted. During a holiday we had a moment of clarity and decided we were ready.

This was our first time purchasing an investment property, and only our second time purchasing property in general. To complicate things even further, the Melbourne market and the games that people play were completely new to us.

Julie was amazing. After chatting a couple of times via Skype, we organised to fly down for the weekend to view some amazing places. Julie lined up a bunch of properties for us to view, all in one day.

She met us at the first property, and then for the next 6 hours we drove all over the suburbs we were interested in looking at places. We found one which we loved, but Julie was able to ascertain that the agents were under-quoting and playing games. She was able to guide us in placing one hard and fast offer, which we are now so grateful that it was not successful.

We quickly moved on our second choice, which was a much better investment and much more affordable - one of Julie's choices - and we ended up with the most amazing apartment.

Julie was professional, easy to work with, affordable (a huge plus), and able to work with us to find apartments which were a perfect match for us.

We will definitely be using Buyers Home Base again in the future to buy our next home.

Jaimie Lee Brunton
January 2, 2016

From the beginning, Luke was committed to finding us a house that fulfilled our requirements. As a result of his knowledge of the industry, he was able to find us a house within 2 weeks and negotiate on our behalf to obtain the best price and contractual conditions.

He also went above and beyond to assist us, working public holidays and weekends.

Luke greatly exceeded our expectations and we are very grateful for his kindness and professionalism. We are, and will continue to, recommend him to family and friends who are looking to purchase a property

Rachael Hopkins
May 23, 2016

Investment property purchase testimonial. A Buyers Agents Melbourne Review We've been working with Mal for the past few months initially for an investment property, and then we changed our minds and decided to upgrade our family home. Mal was great at "running the gauntlet" and keeping agents off our backs so we could focus on each house. She explained the selling process including the tricks of the trade so we felt well informed during the process.

On auction day Mal was attending another auction so Julie stepped in. We really were not expecting to buy the house (as we thought it may have been over budget) but Julie helped with the negotiations and secured the house at a good price and on our terms.

Thank you Buyers Home Base.
Yen & John

First time home buyer testimonial. Buyer's Agent Melbourne ReviewSo today Mal from Buyers Home Base helped us buy our first home. It was such a good buy and she nailed them on the price and we got an amazing deal. She's held our hand through the whole process (I can't believe how patient she was with us) and we are so happy with the result.

Thanks a million Mal, thanks Buyers Home Base.

Tom & Lauren Edwards

Buyer's agent reviews - a testimonial about how we helped intersate home buyers purchase in MelbourneMoving your family interstate is always going to be stressful! Trying to buy a home in a new state is tricky even when you've worked out where you want to live - the rules are different and you can't just drop everything to check a place out.

Thank you so much to Julie for helping make the process a lot easier and helping us find the right place for us that met all our (very specific!) requirements.

I wouldn't have made it through the negotiation process without you. Now just can't wait to get moving Bayside!!!

Meredith Barnes

Buyers Agent Melbourne Reviews. Testimonial - Buyers Agents help purchase property under reserve priceWhen researching buyer’s advocates I was dismayed to realise most of them charged a percentage of the purchase prices as their fee, which didn’t make sense at all, as if they were really supposed to be “advocating” on my behalf, how hard were they going to be working to get me a good purchase price when the more I paid meant the more they got paid?

So I was very relieved when I came across Buyers Home Base and their very reasonable flat fee for first home buyers.

From my first conversation with Julie, through to the eventual purchase at auction last weekend of my fabulous new apartment with the help of Mal, I felt supported and as if I finally had someone on my side to help me navigate the whole (sometimes murky) world of real estate.

Mal was so positive and upbeat from our first meeting, which I found really important as I was beginning to think I’d never find a place that ticked all my boxes (and I had a lot of boxes to tick, believe me!). But I wasn’t going to settle for something less than almost perfect, and Mal cheerfully supported me all the way. Her advice on how to deal with agents was spot-on, and when it came to the actual auction and negotiations she managed to get me the property at well under the reserve.

Thanks Mal for all your positive energy and efforts on my behalf – I don’t think I could have done it without you!

Leonie Prendergast

First time home buyer buyers agents testimonialJulie from Buyers Home Base was referred to us when we had no idea how to get our first home. Almost immediately after the first call it was all go!

The stress and uncertainty of each and every step was swiftly eased with her forever enthusiastic and knowledgeable advice.

Coming from NZ it was amazing to find somebody who we instantly felt secure with and definitely someone you could trust on your side. We would highly recommend Julie to any home buyers needing assistance in any property market; after having helped us throughout the process and saving us thousands… Once again many thanks!

Paul & Megan Gibbs

Alicia Waters Buyers Advocate Testimonial Having her there to liaise with the sellers agents has helped us achieve a fair offer without having to going to Auction. Would definitely recommend Buyers Home Base as an affordable buyers advocate service

Alicia Waters

Nick & Fiona Jones Testimonial We had no idea what we were in for but your knowledge of the sales process and tips on what to ask and look out for has saved us THOUSANDS. All your information made the process simple. Your recommendations for the building, pest inspection and legal information were spot on.

Nick & Fiona Jones

Jade Channell Testimonial I just purchased our first home with the help of Julie. Her advice and help were invaluable, especially with our lack of knowledge and experience in purchasing a home.

Thank you.

Jade & Chris Channell

Emma Thickett TestimonialThank you for all your help and guidance finding and securing an amazing apartment for us!! You went above and beyond scouting potential locations and working to our very short time frame! We wouldn't have gotten what we wanted without you and I would definitely recommend your service to anyone looking to purchase a property!

Emma Thickett

Mei Romary TestimonialJust over a month after my first meeting with Julie, I signed a contract for my first home! Julie's contacts included a fantastic mortgage broker (Chris Foster-Ramsay) who helped me secure the loan I needed that no bank would previously negotiate for me. Even so, I had admitted defeat and accepted that my finances would only allow me a top floor shoebox apartment in a suburb I didn't mind but wasn't crazy about. Instead, I have secured a ground floor unit for myself in my ideal location for the same price!!

Mei Romary

Suzie & Andrew Whyte TestimonialMy husband and I are both business owners so we felt quite comfortable in commercial situations, but we knew nothing of the Real Estate market or the ins and outs of purchasing our first home....... To our rescue came Buyers Home Base. Julie's wealth of industry information helped us determine what we were really after. Who knew that there were so many different factors?!! When to bid, how to bid, and how to knock those pesky other bidders out of the race. Couple that with the amazing team of helpers and seeing it through to the absolute end Buyers Home Base made this crazy roller coaster ride something that we will treasure as one of life's truly positive & fruitful experiences... Thanks Buyers Home Base for helping us achieve our first incredible family home.

Suzie & Andrew Whyte

Lucy Chapman TestimonialWhen I decided I wanted to buy my first home I felt overwhelmed with where to start! At the suggestion of my Mortgage Broker, I contacted Buyers Home Base. I engaged their services because Julie understood exactly what it was I was looking for and made me feel confident. After just 4 weeks of looking I have bought a home! I would have paid $15,000 more for this property, but with Julie's quick negotiation skills I got it just in time. Employing Buyers Home Base turned a daunting experience into an exciting and educational one. If you want someone on your side give Buyers Home Base a won't regret it.

Lucy Chapman

Liam Barker Testimonial for Buyers Home BaseI had no idea what was involved in purchasing a property being a First Home Buyer. Buyers Home Base did almost everything for me. Julie arranged a Mortgage Broker for me and once we had an idea of what kind of price range we were looking at, Julie began the search and presented the most suitable properties for me to review. Once I selected a property they negotiated a great deal (much less than I expected to pay!). From start to finish I was given all the information I needed to make the right decision. I would thoroughly recommend Buyers Home Base for anyone looking to purchase a property. Thanks Julie!

Liam Barker

Luana and Gary Testimonial for Buyers Home BaseWe would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Buyers Home Base for assisting us with the purchase of our first home. Their knowledge of the industry, practical advice and supportive guidance resulted in us seamlessly purchasing our dream home within a fortnight of beginning our search! They ensured they was available at all times, were flexible in meeting our requirements and maintained a professional and personable approach. We have never felt in safer hands and they never let our trust in them waiver! Buyers Home Base were also able to provide contacts for an outstanding mortgage broker and solicitor. Each of them proving invaluable in this journey! I would not hesitate to recommend Julie and her team to any first home buyer. This process was made less daunting and overwhelming with her holding our hands throughout! We can't thank you enough!!!

Luana & Gary

Ange and Leong Testimonial for Buyers Home BaseWe just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Buyers Home Base. Their advice, knowledge, friendliness, and willingness to go the extra mile for us meant the daunting task of finding a house for our little family was made so much easier and we actually enjoyed the experience.

We are really happy with our purchase which happened so much more quickly than anticipated and was in an area we thought was out of reach for us as well. We will not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family!

Ange & Leong

Amy and Simon Testimonial for Buyers Home BaseWe hired Buyers Home Base to help us find a house a few months into our search. Being pregnant with our second child and looking for a first home in the very competitive inner west Melbourne market, we thought having professionals with a clear understanding of real estate would be very beneficial to us and most importantly reduce the stress associated with buying a house.

Their advice and assistance was always delivered to us with a very warm and friendly manner. Their confident and professional approach when dealing with the estate agents has been met by much relief, as previously we had found these interactions stressful and complicated. So nice to be able to handball it to those who know what they’re doing!! They also kept us motivated and on track the times things didn't work out, and had many tricks to pull out of the hat trying new approaches.

Within 6 weeks of working with Buyers Home Base, they successfully secured us our first home at a very competitive auction. We are absolutely delighted. Not only do we get to move in before Christmas, but knowing that it often takes people over a year to buy a home in this market has left us completely thrilled. The house is perfect and we look forward to growing into it over the years with our little family.

Amy & Simon

Natasha and Alex Testimonial for Buyers Home BaseBuyers Home Base have been fantastic to work with. They offered us invaluable advice along the way to buying our dream home at a good price. I think we expected more than most and asked them for advice about rentals, location, type of properties and so on. Each and every time they were more than happy to offer us valuable feedback.

It has been a pleasure working with them.

Natasha & Alex

Tim and Morgan Testimonial for Buyers Home Base We would not even be close to owning a house by now if it wasn’t for the help and advice from Buyers Home Base. We will happily be recommending them to our Friends!

Tim & Morgan

Belinda and Julie have been fantastic to work with. They offered us invaluable advice along the way to buying our dream home at a good price. I think we expected more then most and asked them for advice about rentals, location, type of properties and so on. Each and every time they were more then happy to offer us valuable feedback. It has been a pleasure working with these ladies.

Natasha & Alex McDonald

Thank you Julie for your awesome customer service! You recommended a great agent to me when you had nothing to gain from it but doing a good deed. When I'm ready to buy again you'll be hearing from me --- and I will definitely recommend you to others.

At a really stressful time in my life, you understood exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for your kindness :)


I just bought my first property this Saturday at auction and I want to say big Thanks to Joe Careri and the team at home buyer centre for all their professional advice and help.

As this was my first home purchase (in Australia), I was very nervous and anxious about the whole process. Joe was very patient as I had lot of question at every stage. Joe is fantastic guy and reliable guide to buy property. I would not hesitate to recommend Joe and the team at home buyer centre to anyone...

Thank you once again!
Randhir Singh
October 26, 2015

My friends told me it would take months to find the right home. I engaged the services of Home Buyers Base 2 weeks ago and today I bought my dream home. I cannot recommend this company enough!

Thank you Julie you are brilliant!

Felicity Kamevaar
September 20, 2015

HUGE thank you to Julie! I had been searching for quite a few years, always to be beaten at auctions or lacking the decisiveness needed to actually purchase what I wanted. Enter Julie and within a week of looking we have secured our first property!

THANK YOU Julie for making the process so smooth and pleasant. Your friendly and approachable manner made it seem like anything was possible (I've just signed the contracts and still can't quite believe that is has ACTUALLY happened!). Thanks to your confidence and professionalism I'm feeling so excited yet strangely calm (doesn't feel like I have signed my life away). I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Cynthia Lee
May 27, 2015

A MASSIVE THANKS to Julie who I hired on a Saturday and by Wednesday had my IDEAL little investment property confirmed!! She is just perfection and I couldn't be more thrilled with her professional approach, canny and articulate negotiation skills and genuinely brilliant work in securing this property BEFORE AUCTION! Love your work Julie and I can guarantee you'll see many of my friends coming to you for their purchases as I have been singing your praises to one and ALL! Ill be in touch for my next one for sure as well!

Annora Farstad
May 5, 2015

Testimonial for Buyers Home Base I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Wendy Chamberlain for assisting, guiding and supporting throughout the process of finding my first home.

At the beginning I spent a week searching for my first home and realized this was really hard for an inexperienced first home buyer. But after I met Wendy for our first meeting, it was over an hour and Wendy totally understood my situations. With a small budget, but many expectations. Due to my budget, I had never thought that I could live in a nice Melbourne inner suburb. First I was looking at all over the places and could not make decision where I wanted to live which would make Wendy worked more difficult. But Wendy didn't mind and was very patient. We finally found some properties that I liked and Wendy did all the works for me i.e. talked to the agents, arranged the inspections and came to the properties with me. I finally found my first home which met most of my expectations and at a very nice location. It happened in just a week. I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy and the Buyers Home Base Team to friends and others.

Lastly, a big thank you to Julie DeBondt-Barker and the Buyers Home Base Team for assisting me putting the offer and negotiating with the agent and finally purchased my first home with less daunting experience.

Natt Triteeyarat
April 25, 2015

We found Julie and were really sceptical but after meeting her at our house we warmed to her a lot.

She makes you feel like she is your Mum and really has your back which she did. We really wanted to live in the expensive areas of Melbourne and she really helped us understand our real buying areas. Julie was super patient and on the other side super powerful and when needed aggressive with the at times dodgy agents to get the deal done.

Can't recommend Julie enough and the Buyers Home Base! Get on team Julie and move into your dream home!

Bastien Treptel
April 15, 2015

Thanks to Julie's expert knowledge and guidance we were able to get our property on our very first auction, in a very sought area of Melbourne.

She took the stress out of a stressful situation on auction day and played her hand beautifully.

We both can't thank her enough for her fantastic input.

Rod Chapple
March 27, 2015

Buying my first property was a breeze thanks to the help of Julie! Can't speak highly enough of the quality service she provides to first home buyers!

Thanks again Julie!
Daniel Ando
February 13, 2015

WOW! Julie has been such a fantastic person to deal with throughout the process of buying a house.

This is our first home purchase in Australia and we felt quite intimidated by the whole process! We feel that Julie has saved us money in terms of the final sale price, and also we wonder if we would have even won the bidding war without her! We initially appointed Julie to act on our behalf during an auction, but the real estate agent called one night, 10 days before the auction was due to take place, and told us that they had received an offer, that the auction was cancelled and we would have to place an offer that night!! So we called Julie to ask her advice and she took over all the negotiations for us. She knows the psychology of real estate agents and vendors, and she also has a few little tricks up her sleeve! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Julie to anyone.

Thank you!
Amy Shire
December 15, 2014

Thank you Julie for everything! Oh my goodness I would never have survived this process without you!

Your knowledge, confidence, guidance and reality checks into the sometimes unscrupulous antics of some agents massively under pricing properties for Auction saved me from throwing my hands in the air and quitting, (or throwing a few hard slaps across the faces of conniving agents bankrupt of integrity who wasted my time and energy and gave me false hope).

I now finally have a home I can mold and sculpt to however I like and pay off my own mortgage rather than someone elses!

Thanks also for the connections to the Mortgage broker, and conveyancer.

You are Awesome and I can't thank you enough!

Fiona Hennessey
December 11, 2014

Wow with a lot of previous disappointment with searching and dealing with real estate agents and the market being very hectic with prices going well and truly higher than expected, I was almost going to give up until I found Julie. Julie was very calming and always reassured that I would find the perfect place in the right location, we looked at quite a few although not the right ones. I am so ecstatic that with Julie acting quickly and with all her knowledge We found the right property in the right location and got it for a great price in which I thought impossible. I will be moving in after my birthday so that will be a great present and cant wait to put my own touches onto the place.

Thank you so Much Julie for all your help I couldn't have done it without you.

Bianca Dabernig
December 9, 2014

Julie was awesome. We were able to buy before auction which is unheard of in the area we wanted. Timing, strategy and guidance, Julie had it covered. We are so excited to move in to our home!

Lisa McDermott
December 9, 2014

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