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Buyers Home Base has been invaluable to my husband and I in purchasing a property while we live overseas.

Julie has visited properties an our behalf and guided our heads and our hearts to make the right decision. Having her there on the ground to liaise with the sellers agents has helped us achieve a fair offer without having to going to Auction.

Alicia Waters

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Buyers Agents Melbourne Reviews & Testimonials

As Melbourne Buyers Agents, everyday we're helping home buyers, especially First Home Buyers, purchase their home. Here's some of their stories and reviews of our services.

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Investment property purchase testimonial. A Buyers Agents Melbourne Review We've been working with Mal for the past few months initially for an investment property, and then we changed our minds and decided to upgrade our family home. Mal was great at "running the gauntlet" and keeping agents off our backs so we could focus on each house. She explained the selling process including the tricks of the trade so we felt well informed during the process.

On auction day Mal was attending another auction so Julie stepped in. We really were not expecting to buy the house (as we thought it may have been over budget) but Julie helped with the negotiations and secured the house at a good price and on our terms.

Thank you Buyers Home Base.
Yen & John

First time home buyer testimonial. Buyer's Agent Melbourne ReviewSo today Mal from Buyers Home Base helped us buy our first home. It was such a good buy and she nailed them on the price and we got an amazing deal. She's held our hand through the whole process (I can't believe how patient she was with us) and we are so happy with the result.

Thanks a million Mal, thanks Buyers Home Base.

Tom & Lauren Edwards


Buyer's agent reviews - a testimonial about how we helped intersate home buyers purchase in MelbourneMoving your family interstate is always going to be stressful! Trying to buy a home in a new state is tricky even when you've worked out where you want to live - the rules are different and you can't just drop everything to check a place out.

Thank you so much to Julie for helping make the process a lot easier and helping us find the right place for us that met all our (very specific!) requirements.

I wouldn't have made it through the negotiation process without you. Now just can't wait to get moving Bayside!!!

Meredith Barnes

Buyers Agent Melbourne Reviews. Testimonial - Buyers Agents help purchase property under reserve priceWhen researching buyer’s advocates I was dismayed to realise most of them charged a percentage of the purchase prices as their fee, which didn’t make sense at all, as if they were really supposed to be “advocating” on my behalf, how hard were they going to be working to get me a good purchase price when the more I paid meant the more they got paid?

So I was very relieved when I came across Buyers Home Base and their very reasonable flat fee for first home buyers.

From my first conversation with Julie, through to the eventual purchase at auction last weekend of my fabulous new apartment with the help of Mal, I felt supported and as if I finally had someone on my side to help me navigate the whole (sometimes murky) world of real estate.

Mal was so positive and upbeat from our first meeting, which I found really important as I was beginning to think I’d never find a place that ticked all my boxes (and I had a lot of boxes to tick, believe me!). But I wasn’t going to settle for something less than almost perfect, and Mal cheerfully supported me all the way. Her advice on how to deal with agents was spot-on, and when it came to the actual auction and negotiations she managed to get me the property at well under the reserve.

Thanks Mal for all your positive energy and efforts on my behalf – I don’t think I could have done it without you!

Leonie Prendergast

First time home buyer buyers agents testimonialJulie from Buyers Home Base was referred to us when we had no idea how to get our first home. Almost immediately after the first call it was all go!

The stress and uncertainty of each and every step was swiftly eased with her forever enthusiastic and knowledgeable advice.

Coming from NZ it was amazing to find somebody who we instantly felt secure with and definitely someone you could trust on your side. We would highly recommend Julie to any home buyers needing assistance in any property market; after having helped us throughout the process and saving us thousands… Once again many thanks!

Paul & Megan Gibbs

Alicia Waters Buyers Advocate Testimonial

Having her there to liaise with the sellers agents has helped us achieve a fair offer without having to going to Auction. Would definitely recommend Buyers Home Base as an affordable buyers advocate service

Alicia Waters

Nick & Fiona Jones Testimonial We had no idea what we were in for but your knowledge of the sales process and tips on what to ask and look out for has saved us THOUSANDS. All your information made the process simple. Your recommendations for the building, pest inspection and legal information were spot on.

Nick & Fiona Jones


Jade Channell Testimonial I just purchased our first home with the help of Julie. Her advice and help were invaluable, especially with our lack of knowledge and experience in purchasing a home.

Thank you.

Jade & Chris Channell

Emma Thickett TestimonialThank you for all your help and guidance finding and securing an amazing apartment for us!! You went above and beyond scouting potential locations and working to our very short time frame! We wouldn't have gotten what we wanted without you and I would definitely recommend your service to anyone looking to purchase a property!

Emma Thickett



Mei Romary TestimonialJust over a month after my first meeting with Julie, I signed a contract for my first home! Julie's contacts included a fantastic mortgage broker (Chris Foster-Ramsay) who helped me secure the loan I needed that no bank would previously negotiate for me. Even so, I had admitted defeat and accepted that my finances would only allow me a top floor shoebox apartment in a suburb I didn't mind but wasn't crazy about. Instead, I have secured a ground floor unit for myself in my ideal location for the same price!!

Mei Romary

Suzie & Andrew Whyte TestimonialMy husband and I are both business owners so we felt quite comfortable in commercial situations, but we knew nothing of the Real Estate market or the ins and outs of purchasing our first home....... To our rescue came Buyers Home Base. Julie's wealth of industry information helped us determine what we were really after. Who knew that there were so many different factors?!! When to bid, how to bid, and how to knock those pesky other bidders out of the race. Couple that with the amazing team of helpers and seeing it through to the absolute end Buyers Home Base made this crazy roller coaster ride something that we will treasure as one of life's truly positive & fruitful experiences... Thanks Buyers Home Base for helping us achieve our first incredible family home.

Suzie & Andrew Whyte

Lucy Chapman TestimonialWhen I decided I wanted to buy my first home I felt overwhelmed with where to start!  At the suggestion of my Mortgage Broker, I contacted Buyers Home Base. I engaged their services because Julie understood exactly what it was I was looking for and made me feel confident. After just 4 weeks of looking I have bought a home!  I would have paid $15,000 more for this property, but with Julie's quick negotiation skills I got it just in time.  Employing Buyers Home Base turned a daunting experience into an exciting and educational one.  If you want someone on your side give Buyers Home Base a won't regret it.

Lucy Chapman

Liam Barker Testimonial for Buyers Home BaseI had no idea what was involved in purchasing a property being a First Home Buyer. Buyers Home Base did almost everything for me. Julie arranged a Mortgage Broker for me and once we had an idea of what kind of price range we were looking at,  Julie began the search and presented the most suitable properties for me to review. Once I selected a property they negotiated a great deal (much less than I expected to pay!). From start to finish I was given all the information I needed to make the right decision. I would thoroughly recommend Buyers Home Base for anyone looking to purchase a property. Thanks Julie!

Liam Barker

Luana and Gary Testimonial for Buyers Home BaseWe would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Buyers Home Base for assisting us with the purchase of our first home. Their knowledge of the industry, practical advice and supportive guidance resulted in us seamlessly purchasing our dream home within a fortnight of beginning our search! They ensured they was available at all times, were flexible in meeting our requirements and maintained a professional and personable approach. We have never felt in safer hands and they never let our trust in them waiver! Buyers Home Base were also able to provide contacts for an outstanding mortgage broker and solicitor. Each of them proving invaluable in this journey! I would not hesitate to recommend Julie and her team to any first home buyer. This process was made less daunting and overwhelming with her holding our hands throughout! We can't thank you enough!!!

Luana & Gary

Ange and Leong Testimonial for Buyers Home BaseWe just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Buyers Home Base. Their advice, knowledge, friendliness, and willingness to go the extra mile for us meant the daunting task of finding a house for our little family was made so much easier and we actually enjoyed the experience.

We are really happy with our purchase which happened so much more quickly than anticipated and was in an area we thought was out of reach for us as well. We will not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family!

Ange & Leong

Amy and Simon Testimonial for Buyers Home BaseWe hired Buyers Home Base to help us find a house a few months into our search. Being pregnant with our second child and looking for a first home in the very competitive inner west Melbourne market, we thought having professionals with a clear understanding of real estate would be very beneficial to us and most importantly reduce the stress associated with buying a house.

Their advice and assistance was always delivered to us with a very warm and friendly manner. Their confident and professional approach when dealing with the estate agents has been met by much relief, as previously we had found these interactions stressful and complicated. So nice to be able to handball it to those who know what they’re doing!! They also kept us motivated and on track the times things didn't work out, and had many tricks to pull out of the hat trying new approaches.

Within 6 weeks of working with Buyers Home Base, they successfully secured us our first home at a very competitive auction. We are absolutely delighted. Not only do we get to move in before Christmas, but knowing that it often takes people over a year to buy a home in this market has left us completely thrilled. The house is perfect and we look forward to growing into it over the years with our little family.

Amy & Simon

Natasha and Alex Testimonial for Buyers Home BaseBuyers Home Base have been fantastic to work with. They offered us invaluable advice along the way to buying our dream home at a good price. I think we expected more than most and asked them for advice about rentals, location, type of properties and so on. Each and every time they were more than happy to offer us valuable feedback.

It has been a pleasure working with them.

Natasha & Alex

Tim and Morgan Testimonial for Buyers Home BaseWe would not even be close to owning a house by now if it wasn’t for the help and advice from Buyers Home Base. We will happily be recommending them to our Friends!

Tim & Morgan


Belinda and Julie have been fantastic to work with. They offered us invaluable advice along the way to buying our dream home at a good price. I think we expected more then most and asked them for advice about rentals, location, type of properties and so on. Each and every time they were more then happy to offer us valuable feedback. It has been a pleasure working with these ladies.

Natasha & Alex McDonald

Thank you Julie for your awesome customer service! You recommended a great agent to me when you had nothing to gain from it but doing a good deed. When I'm ready to buy again you'll be hearing from me --- and I will definitely recommend you to others.

At a really stressful time in my life, you understood exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for your kindness :)


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