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How much do you really need?

You’ve made it this far. Congratulations! Let’s get the ball rolling and evaluate exactly how much you can afford to borrow and repay. Remember, it’s fine to calculate your repayments on low interest rates – but rates may go up. We want you to understand that if interest rates increase – so do your repayments.

We suggest you allow a buffer, that is, calculate your repayments on a higher interest rate, say around 7% [for now], this helps you to meet the repayments, should interest rates increase.

Buyers Home Base have a team of top Mortgage Brokers that will meet with you at a time that works for you and go through all of the finer details to ensure that your loan is tailored to suit your individual needs. Send us a Mortgage Broker. Note Buyers Home Base do not receive any commissions for these referrals, all our referrals are a free service to our Clients.

How much can you borrow and maintain your lifestyle, today – and in the future?

To calculate specific mortgage amounts and various interest rate scenarios, click here for an independent mortgage calculator.

Please note: This is a calculator / indicator only. Before finalising any financial agreements, we highly recommend you speak to a qualified mortgage broker.

We have a trusted team of Mortgage Brokers we can recommend to you. Speak to us today for more details.

Free Mortgage App

Click here to learn more about TapApps

There is a range of free mobile apps that help with calculating the real cost of purchasing your property,

One we like is called "TAP Mortgage" It calculates a range of figures for you, including stamp duty, mortgage repayments and more!

Find out more about this app and download it- here.

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