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After months of searching, it took Jo and David just 8 days to secure us a home.

For those who want to know what it's like, imagine having a real-estate parent holding your hand and setting realistic expectations. It was just that easy.

Cannot recommend Buyers Home Base enough.

Andy Leoszko

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Professional Real Estate Negotiators ...
who know how to negotiate buying a house & a house price

At Buyers Home Base our Buyers Advocates and Buyers Agents have many years experience as property and real estate selling agents, so have a wealth of experience with the techniques and house price negotiation tactics used by selling agents on behalf of their vendors.

At Buyers Home Base, as professional negotiators, when we are negotiating for a house, we apply our professional negotiation skills enabling us to negotiate a house price for you which suits your requirements and budget.

Does the prospect of having to negotiate when buying a house scare you?

Professional Negotiators Real Estate. We know how to negotiate buying a house price. Don't know how to negotiate buying a house or how to negotiate a house price? Then you're at a disadvantage!

Real estate agents deal with selling property every day. They’re trained real estate and property negotiators that work to ensure the HIGHEST price for every property is reached.

Why would you negotiate against an expert negotiator if you have no experience or training in negotiation yourself?

All Buyers Home Base advocates used to be real estate agents! We know how real estate sales people work to achieve the highest price for their cleints and we know how to effectively negotiate real estate purchases on our clients behalf. Our negotiation skills can save you thousands when negotiating to buy a house and significantly reduce the ultimate price you have to pay. With skilled questions and disciplined suggestions, we can level the playing field for you.

When negotiating real estate or house prices, simply, we negotiate on more than price. Settlement terms, conditions and inclusions can be negotiated on your behalf.

We speak to you in everyday language and are passionate about saving you time and money when purchasing your dream home.

You’ll never be left wondering “Did I pay too much for this property?”

How much could you save by having our experts negotiate buying a house with the Real Estate experts - for you?

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Use us to negotiate a house price

The reality is that unless you have the experience in real estate, you wont really understand property negotiating or how to negotiate buying a house and could easily be taken advantage of by either paying too much or agreeing to conditions which are not in your best interests.

If you really want a level playing field when dealing with professional real estate sales agents, why not employ the professional negotiation skills that our Buyers Advocates or Buyers Agents can offer you? You can call us on 1 300 882 842, send an email to or submit an online request for a Free Consultation.

If you're looking for professional real estate or property negotiators to help you negotiate the purchase or price for a home, house or property, then contact Buyers Home Base today!

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