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"We are both business owners and feel quite comfortable in commercial situations - but we knew nothing about the Real Estate market or any of the ins and outs of purchasing our first home. Buyers Home Base offered a wealth of industry knowledge which helped us determine what we were REALLY after."

Suzy and Andrew

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If you’re just about to start your property search, or you’ve been searching for property some time, Buyers Home Base can help make purchasing your dream home a reality – with less heartache.

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Your team of experts

Finally, first home buyers have a voice! Many people believe buyers advocates are only for the wealthy. The Buyers Home Base difference is our low, flat $3,000 [EX GST] fee. We’ve helped many property owners, from first home buyers, divorcees, empty nesters, disabled search and purchase their property, using less time, stress and money. That’s because our low, flat fee is on average, under half the fees charged by other buyers advocates.

Buyers Home Base Buyers Agent / Buyer Advocate Services

Services offered by Buyers Home Base include:


Home Buyers Base Service

Property Search

Search, find, research, analyse, show you qualified shortlist of suitable properties

Property Review

Attend property inspections and complete review of property. Look for signs of “hidden” surprises. Organise professional building inspection of property is required.

Negotiate / Bid

Complete private sale negotiation, or attend auction and bid on your behalf

Selling your home

Provide impartial advice and reassurance guide you to select a trustworthy real estate agent.

The Buyers Home Base team speak in everyday language and are passionate about saving you time, money and finding your dream home.

Low flat fee – Save more on your first home - No surprises

We spend the same time negotiating on a $2,000,000 home as we would on a $400,000 property. We can’t justify why other buyer’s agents charge a percentage of sale fee. That’s why we offer a low flat fee for all of our Buyers.

A flat fee means we fight harder for the very best price for you. A lower purchase price for you, does not reduce our fee. This means you can keep more of your deposit for what you’ve been saving for – buying your first home.

Looking for a new career in real estate? We’re looking for experienced real estate agents to become part of the Buyers First Home team. Find out more now


We had no idea what we were in for but your knowledge of the sales process and tips on what to ask and look out for has saved us THOUSANDS.

All your information made the process simple. Your recommendations for the building, pest inspection and legal information were spot on.

Nick & Fiona Jones

How to feel confident with your purchase

The Buyers Home Base team know what to look for in each and every house. We know the tricks used when negotiating privately or bidding publicly at auction. It’s easy to get hooked on a property when you are emotionally attached to it. Buyers Home Base removes all these pitfalls from your purchase process. Many people think they know all the “hidden” things to look for when buying a property. When inspecting a property, do you

  • Understand what creaky floorboards really mean?
  • Know if the stumps rotten or sinking?
  • Look for signs of termites?
  • Know if the correct building permits have been supplied?
  • Identify is there are  easements under the garage?
  • Know if the roof been repointed of simply covered with spray paint?
  • Search for potential ventilation problems?

Off the market

Did you know that some properties available for sale are not publically advertised? Once new property is listed, agents generally show these to their shortlisted file of interested purchasers.

These properties sell very quickly for a reason – they are often the best.

You could be missing out on these properties. To be a part of an “off market” opportunity, you need to have a buyers advocate working for you.

The team at Buyers Home Base have a wide reach of real estate agents who turn to us when new properties are released onto the market. Our network keeps you ahead of other property buyers in the market that are competing with you for your ideal home.

Is your ideal property for sale - and you don't even know it? Stop missing out - one call to us could change your life!

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