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Buyers Home Base was a pleasure to deal with, from the start we knew we had the right person involved in helping us find the right property.

The experience and knowledge were valuable ingredients in navigating through the property market, especially in a Sellers market. We will be using your talents to expand our property portfolio and referring you to others who could use your help, whether they realise it or not!

The Bragagnolo Family

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Other Home Buyers

Buyers Home Base is an advocacy service that helps first home buyers. However, first home buyers come in all shapes and sizes. Today, they're often NOT young couples looking at achieving the "Great Australian dream". We help a range of "First Home buyers" who've found, due to circumstances life throws at them -that they are left to purchase a house on their own. This situation often leads them scared, alone and unsure of what to do.

These first home buyers are often:

  • Widows / widowers
  • Divorcees
  • Retirees
  • Empty Nesters
  • Disabled
  • Anybody feeling lost and alone!

Buyers Home Base has helped a range of people, just like you, to feel confident about their property purchase - while saving them time, money and stress.

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Assistance for Existing Home Buyers & Property Investors

The spirit of Buyers Home Base will always be focused on helping First Home Buyers. We love helping them secure their first home – for less. Because of the large number of clients referring their friends, we now find ourselves servicing an expanded market - including Investors and second [or third] Home Buyers.

Investors and existing Home Owners are often not buying in the same area they are in. They are often time poor. This means we spend more time travelling to research and inspect potential properties.

Buyers Home Base helps existing Property Owners & Property Investors save time, heartache and money for the low, flat fee of $6,000 [plus GST].

We continue to offer our low, flat $3,000 [plus GST] fee for First Home Buyers purchasing below $700,000.

If you are looking at buying a new home or purchasing an investment property - speak to us today and see how you can save.

Your challenges - sorted

Before you start your property search, we've got some great tips and ideas that will help you plan for your first property purchase. To find out more, simply click any of these topics:





Already in the property hunt?

If you’ve been searching for your dream home and are dis-heartened by not finding properties you like, tired of losing out at auctions or feel unhappy that your offers at private sales are being rejected – Buyers Home Base can help you. It’s time you moved into your ideal property sooner - see how we can help you

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