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"Just over a month after my first meeting with Julie, I signed a contract for my first home! I had admitted defeat and accepted that my finances would only allow me a top floor shoebox apartment in a suburb I didn't mind but wasn't crazy about. Instead, I have secured a ground floor unit for myself in my ideal location for the same price!! ..."

Mei Romary

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How to buy your first home or how to buy a house

Finding the right house, home or property

Thinking about buying a house, home, apartment or property and not sure how to start? The first question of course, is ... how do you find the right house, home or property?

We help you sort out what is important to you and your family as a first step.

Do you have a preferred location? Number of bedrooms? Entertainment requirements? Transport options? Schools? etc. etc. etc.

If you’re not sure of local property values, which location or style of property or is best for you, issues specific to the area your considering, transport and services available, and so on ... then Buyers Home Base services are ideal for you.

We speak with you, discuss your needs, identify and pre-review shortlisted properties for you based on your requirements.

What to look out for

Inexperienced purchasers cannot see many of the hidden “surprises” that lurk in properties. Costly “extra’s” may include poor plumbing, stumping, and rot. All can exist and all can cost you thousands after purchase.

Do you know what to look for “under the surface?” Our experts can identify a lot of the “tell-tale” signs that something may be wrong. If required, we recommend the services of a professional building / pest inspector from our team.

Negotiating a price or bidding at auction

When a suitable property is selected, it's time to think about how to purchase the house, home, apartment or property you've found. Unfortunately, you don’t get to select the style of the sale – auction or private sale.

Remember, a real estate agents aim is to get the highest possible price for their clients ... that's the seller – not you! If they were working for you, they’d aim for the lowest possible price.

You risk losing thousands of dollars if you do not have a purchase or negotiation strategy in place.

Many people bid at auctions, often for the first time with no idea as to how to successfully buy a house at auction. As a result, oftentimes, they’re disappointed when they lose to a higher bidder or pay more than they intended.

And after attending multiple auctions and being unsuccessful, many bidders become emotionally drained – which works against them achieving a successful outcome.

By using a professional Buyers Agency service such as provided by Buyers Home Base, these pitfalls can be avoided.

Professional negotiator

Can you negotiate with a professional real estate sales person or place bids at auctions that help drive DOWN the price? With their wealth of experience, the experts at Buyers Home Base can!

Thus our low flat fee is an investment that can save you thousands!

Use a Buyers Agent or Buyers Advocate

When you're looking at or thinking about how to buy a house or home, particularly if you are looking to buy your first house or first home, we strongly recommend that you employ the services of a Buyers Advocate or Buyers Agent. They can help you avoid common pitfalls and their professional negotiation skills work for you. They can help you buy your first home and save you time, heartache and money.

How to find a Buyers Agent or Buyers Advocate?

We recommend you select a Buyers Agent or Buyers Advocate who has a wealth of experience and can direct you to a raft of satisfied clients with whom you can speak. And we strongly believe that if you are dealing with the questions of "how to buy your first house" we believe you should look for a Buyers Agent or Advocate who offers a Flat Fee Advocacy service.

Buyers Home Base specialise in providing assistance to first home buyers and we also offer a Flat Fee Buyers Advocate Service for first home buyers in Melbourne Victoria. We do also help people who are looking for their second or subsequent properties.

Contact us for a free consultation

So, if you are thinking about how to buy your first house and would like further information regarding our Flat Fee Buyers Agent or Buyer Advocate services in Melbourne Victoria, why not contact us for a free consultation?

You can call us on 1 300 882 842 or complete our online "Request FREE Consultation" form and we will be in contact shortly to help you buy your first home or property in less time, with less heartache and stress and save you money!

See how our negotiation and auction strategies save you big $$$’s – you’ll be glad you did.

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