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"Just over a month after my first meeting with Julie, I signed a contract for my first home! I had admitted defeat and accepted that my finances would only allow me a top floor shoebox apartment in a suburb I didn't mind but wasn't crazy about. Instead, I have secured a ground floor unit for myself in my ideal location for the same price!! ..."

Mei Romary

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Property tips and updates for Melbourne home buyers. We specialise in helping first time home, house or property buyers in Melbourne, Victoria and we offer a FLAT FEE Buyers Agent or Buyers Advocate service.

Buyer Agent New Fees & Service Summary

Julie DeBondt Barker - Monday, June 27, 2016

Please click on the following link to view a PDF file showing our current Buyer's Advocate flat fee rates and a summary of the Buyer's Agenct services we offer, These figures or fees are effective as of 1 July 2016:

Click here to view a PDF of our Buyers Agent Fees

(Effective as of July 1 2016):

Buyer's Agent Services for ...

Purchase Price

Flat Fee

First Home Buyers

Below $700,000

$3,000 (+ GST)

First Home Buyers

$700,000 And Above

$5,000 (+ GST)

All Other Buyers

Any Price

$6,000 (+ GST)

Seamless Service Advocacy

Any Price

$6,000 (+ GST)

Auction / Negotiation Only

Any Price

$1,500 (+ GST)

Payment Terms – First Home Buyers

* Initial Engagement Fee Payable On Commencement $1,000 (+ GST)

* Balance Due When A Property Is Purchased

Payment Terms – All Other Buyers & Seamless Service Buyer's Advocacy

* Initial Engagement Fee Payable On Commencement $2,000 (+ GST)

* Balance Due When A Property Is Purchased $4,000 (+ GST)

Payment Terms – Auction / Negotiation Only (One time only)

* Fee Payable On Commencement Or Prior To Bidding $1,500 (+ GST)

Calling all Baby-Boomers & Down Sizers!

Julie DeBondt Barker - Sunday, June 26, 2016

New "Seamless Service"

Are you thinking of Selling your existing home, AND then Buying a new one?  Before you start talking to the Real Estate Agents and interviewing them, talk to us.

We'll become your own personal professional that oversees the entire process of both selling and buying for you. From interviewing and selecting the right Agent to sell your home, to negotiating the very best price for your new home….and everything in between. All you have to do is start packing.  Sound too good to be true?

See what Graeme and Maree thought of our  “SEAMLESS SERVICE ADVOCACY" here! 

Buyers Home Base is now a Seamless Service Advocacy that takes away the stress of both Selling AND Buying. 

From interviewing the Agents to settlement on your new home, we are there every step of the way ensuring that our Clients are getting the very best result.

Here’s some of what we will do for you and your clients:

  • We will Interview potential Sales Agents (with or without you being there), who then will report directly to us, throughout the Selling campaign, so no games can be played. 
  • We will appraise your existing house to ensure that the appraisal by the selected Agent is not inflated. Getting your numbers right is critical for your change-over and your next purchase.
  • We then oversee the sale, managing the Agent and holding them to account to do what they said they would do.  
  • We are there during all negotiations and/or the Auction.

Meanwhile, from the brief that we have been given about the next home:<

  • We will search, inspect and advise you about your next home.
  • We liaise with all the other professionals to make sure it is a safe and smooth transaction.
  • All of negotiations and/or bidding at Auction will be completed by us.
  • We will align Settlement Dates so there is no gap and no stress.

For more information on our new Seamless Service - please call us on 1300 882 842 or contact us by email!

We've now added an information display at the Home Innovation Centre, so that when Home Owners are looking to buy a new property, they know that we are here to help them save time, heartache and money.

Find out more - HERE.

EOFY: And That’s A Wrap……

Julie DeBondt Barker - Sunday, June 19, 2016

As we approach another close to the financial year, we look at the crazy Melbourne property market and ask ourselves, “where to from here?”

2015-2016 has seen historically low interest rates – still holding, and the price of property still rising.

Many First Home Buyers are taking advantage of these low interest rates, and are stepping over the $600,000 (for existing properties) threshold and are forfeiting their Stamp Duty savings.

The median price of a home in Melbourne now is above $700,000.

This year saw changes in foreign investment, which slowed down the market to some degree…..but mainly in the areas that have highly sought after schools.  

As autumn spilled into winter, any hope of the house or home prices slowing down were shattered by the low stock levels.

Clearance rates are still soaring and home, house and property prices are still moving upwards.

So, when will this bubble burst?

At this stage there is no obvious end in sight.

More stock coming onto the market will help stabilise it. A new government perhaps? Changes to negative gearing?  The fallout from Brexit? Possibly.  We will all have to wait and see what the new tax year and the changes that may come will provide.

But for now, the best advice Buyers Home Base can offer is that if you are still renting – save your money for a deposit.  And if you are looking to invest, there are still lots of great opportunities out there!

We're now at the Home Innovation Centre

Julie DeBondt Barker - Friday, June 17, 2016

We're now at the Home Innovation CentreWe're now at the Home Innovation Centre

Now there's a permanent place for people to get inspiration on their home renovations. It's called the "Home Innovation Centre" and is located at 111 Cranbourne-Frankston Rd, Frankston. They are open 7 days a week.

The Home Innovation Centre features a wide range of home building, renovation, design and styling products.

Buyers Home Base now has a display in the centre and is attracting people who are at the early stages of thinking about selling. As many people decide to renovate their homes before selling, our involvement at the Home Innovation Centre enables these people know that we are here to help them save time, heartache and money.

Find out more - Visit their website.

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail

Julie DeBondt Barker - Wednesday, June 15, 2016

>The End of Financial Year (EOFY) is a great time to review - or start a plan.The End of Financial Year (EOFY) is a great time to review - or start a plan.

Whether you are a First Home Buyer - or an investor, now is a good time to take stock of your financial situation and plan ahead.

Here are our tried and tested tips that we provide to excited First Home Buyers to help get them started.

  • Create a budget and then stick to it. Know where your money is going each week.
  • Start – or maybe – restart a structured saving plan to get your deposit together. You will need to show the banks that you have a good saving habit when you finally get there and are applying for your home loan.
  • Find a Mortgage Broker that you feel comfortable with and who will explain all of your options.  Is gifting from a parent an option? What is LMI and how does it affect me?  Should you consider debt consolidation? What about getting rid of your credit cards or reducing the credit limit on them? Get the facts.
  • Set a savings target for your deposit and then watch it grow!

Settlement before June 30? It’s possible!

Julie DeBondt Barker - Monday, April 18, 2016

Keep calm. The end of the financial years is approaching but you can still settle on your new home!If you’re time poor and think settling BEFORE June 30 this year is out of reach… think again!

Every year, right before the end of the Financial Year, Mortgage Brokers brace themselves for the storm! The storm starts when Financial Advisors, who understand the value of investing in property because of the various tax reduction benefits, advise their clients to purchase an investment property before June 30.

Buyers Home Base was founded by helping First Home Buyers. However, because of our fantastic results, many of our clients are now referring their friends to us. So now, we’re also working for investors and people purchasing their second, third or subsequent house or property.

If you’re looking to purchase and settle before June 30, increased competition and price pressures can make meeting this deadline even more challenging. By having Buyers Home Base on your side, you’ll place yourself ahead of the competition.

Time poor investors and property hunters can put themselves ahead of the rest.

If you’re an investor looking for a property, or someone you know has been advised to “go out and purchase an investment property before June 30”, then there’s no time to waste.

With only around 40 shopping days left, to maximise your chance of settling by June 30 – your first move should be to call us 1300 882 842 or 1300 882 842.

Look what's getting bigger!

Julie DeBondt Barker - Monday, April 18, 2016

Melbourne is growing faster than any other city in AustraliaFor a long time, Sydney has held the title of Australia’s largest city. That’s all about to change.

ABS data shows that Melbourne's population grew by 1,760 people each week during the 2014-15 year. In fact, more people are moving to Victoria, than Queensland!

Such rapid growth is great for the economy [and house prices], however, governments must invest in infrastructure to cope.

The Victorian Andrews Labor government has revealed its plans to support such rapid population growth. The government is targeting long-term liveability, and will invest heavily in education, health and infrastructure

The State Minister for Planning Richard Wynne said, "The Andrews Labor Government has a plan for smart growth. We need to make sure housing is available to everyone, delivering housing options throughout the city with the access to education, health services and the transport people deserve."

The state government is reviewing its 'Plan Melbourne' document, with a view to placing greater emphasis on housing affordability and climate change. Also under review are widely criticised residential zoning policies.

The government is also working on plans for 640 hectares of land within 5 km of the Melbourne CBD, growing the population close to the city centre, rather than contributing to urban sprawl. Plans for the Fisherman’s Bend area are also underway.

The Labor government has released a long-term infrastructure plan, 'Managing Growth', for Melbourne's outer suburbs.

"We are the world's most liveable city," said Wynne. "People are naturally drawn to Melbourne, and we need to plan accordingly."

What this means to you!

With increased numbers, comes increased competition, which can result in increased prices [of course, we’re talking houses here]. That’s why having a Buyers Advocate on your side, can help you purchase your home sooner at the best price on the market. Call us on 1 300 882 842 or 1 300 882 842or make an enquiry with us here.

Additional information from:

See you at the HIA Home Show!

Julie DeBondt Barker - Monday, April 18, 2016

We are very excited to be the only Buyers Advocates featuring at this year’s HIA Home Show! Trade ShowIt’s on this week – from Thursday April 21 thru Sunday 24 at Jeff’s Shed (Melbourne Exhibition Centre). Opening times are Thursday 10am - 6pm, Friday 10am-9pm, Saturday 10am-9pm and Sunday 10am-6pm.

Come visit us at Stand S-16, on the outside wall.  It’s the perfect opportunity to discuss your plans, and see how we can help you out of the Home Buyer’s maze. Want discounted entry tickets? Find out how - here!

We are very excited to be the only Buyers Advocates featuring at this year’s show!

If you have any clients, friends or family members that are thinking about buying a home and would like some good advice, please tell them to come and see us there.

If they book a FREE 1 hour consultation at the show, they will go into a draw to win a weekend away at a luxury hotel and a bottle of champagne! Don’t miss this great opportunity to receive expert advice, and more importantly, the keys to your new house faster – for less!

Psst: Here’s another tip: Buy your entry tickets online, before the show and save! Full details here!

When persistency pays off!

Julie DeBondt Barker - Monday, March 21, 2016

As Buyers Agents or Advocates, we help people in Melbourne purchase their first house or first home.We just wanted to say thank you to Axton Finance for referring across a couple of their Clients, Deborah & John who we’ve just helped secure their dream home!

After spending several weeks perusing the marketplace searching and inspecting, we finally found it for them.  We then did all of the due diligence with them, along developing a strategy to take it off the market.

After making sure everything was ok with the structure and the Contract of Sale, we decided to try and take it off the market prior to the scheduled Auction.

The offer was rejected, as the Agent advised their Vendor it was best to take it to Auction.  So, we kept searching the marketplace for them, but planning on attending the Auction if nothing else came along that was better. Nothing came along. Deborah & John really wanted this house.

On Auction day, we were the last bidders, but the property was Passed In as it did not reach the Reserve price that the Vendors had hoped for.  We went in to negotiate, but still could not meet at a point that was acceptable to both parties.  The Vendors were adamant on getting a price like the identical townhouse that had recently sold next door for $108,500 more than our Clients had offered. We walked away. Four days later the Agent received an offer from another buyer that was accepted - but there were conditions on the offer.

Due to the absolute persistence of our Advocate Adie Bradley, who still continued to stay in close contact with this Agent, we found out a few days later that the successful offer had fallen over due to finance. Adie was right there.  She kept pushing for the Agent to go back and now get agreement on Deborah & John’s previous offer.  She did this for two weeks, and FINALLY the Vendor accepted!.

So, can we say that we saved Deborah & John $108,500? Maybe. But what we can absolutely say is that expertise in negotiation and insider knowledge of the industry went a very long way in securing this home for our Clients.  We are proud to say that we upheld our company promise which is to save Buyers time, heartache … and money.

For a Free 1 hour Consultation, please call Julie on 1300 882 842 or use our contact us form to submit an online inquiry.

Making Sense of Stamp Duty

Julie DeBondt Barker - Monday, March 21, 2016

Making Sense of Stamp Duty

What is Stamp Duty?

In real estate, Stamp Duty is paid by the purchaser of a property and determined by the value of that property, the purpose, the type of property and most importantly where it is located. Like the First Home Owners Grant, stamp duty is administered on a state level and so how much you pay depends on the current state legislation.

Am I eligible for a concession on stamp duty?

We all hate to pay any tax. Unfortunately, it is unavoidable and we just have to live with it.

Stamp duty is a basic tax that isn't just limited to real estate - other asset sales such as cars and businesses have to pay this tax as well.

It is especially difficult for the first home buyer. You finally save that deposit, you get your loan pre-approved, you find the property you love and can afford it. You buy it and then you hear about this extra cost that you have to pay. Not a nice surprise. This is why we recommend that you be well informed to help eliminate those nasties. If you have been dealing with a knowledgeable and experienced mortgage broker, you will know it, because, the broker will be more than willing to help you along the way and keep you well informed.

When do you pay Stamp Duty?

We are asked this question all the time. Stamp duty has to be paid within 30 days of the property transaction. Usually at the time that you settle on your new home. For most buyers, their conveyancer or solicitor will handle the transaction of funds.

Who do you speak to about Stamp Duty and any changes?

Mortgage brokers know the latest changes that state governments have in store for stamp duty and can advise if a grant is ending or coming up soon that may save you money. If you’re eligible for any concession your mortgage broker will take care of any paperwork involved.

You can use a Stamp Duty Calculator to determine how much you may need to pay, but to know exactly what you may or may not be eligible for you should speak to a professional or an expert such as an experienced mortgage broker.

Are you entitled to a stamp duty concessions?

All transfers of land or all real estate property that is sold or gifted - will be charged stamp duty. Depending on your individual circumstances, there may be concessions available for;

  • First home buyers
  • Farmers
  • Off-the-plan buyers
  • Buyers who purchase the property as owner occupiers
  • Pensioners

Speak with an expert in the field such as a Mortgage Broker who will not only tell you what’s available today, but they will also advise on which grants and concessions could be ending or starting soon.

If you would like to be referred to one of our recommended Mortgage Brokers or a Financial Planner, please call us on 1300 882 842

For a Free 1 hour Consultation, please call Julie on 1300 882 842 or use our contact us form to submit an online inquiry.

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