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Buyers Home Base has been invaluable to my husband and I in purchasing a property while we live overseas.

Julie has visited properties an our behalf and guided our heads and our hearts to make the right decision. Having her there on the ground to liaise with the sellers agents has helped us achieve a fair offer without having to going to Auction.

Alicia Waters

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First Home Buyers Challenges

Traditional buyer’s advocates charge a percentage of the purchase price of the home. The percentages can range between 1% - 2% – with a minimum fee starting at $7,000. When buying your first home, this fee is simply too high as it eats into your deposit.

Buyers Home Base is a buyer’s advocate service structured so ALL homebuyers – including you – can benefit from using a professional home search, negotiation and advocate service. Our fee is a low, flat $3,000 [EX GST] for buyers purchasing under $700,000.

Before you start your property search, we've got some great tips and ideas that will help you plan for your first property purchase, simply click any of these topics:

Buyers Home Base services for First Home Buyers

Buyers Home Base services for First Home Buyers includes:

  • Selecting a suitable location
  • Finding the best property for you
  • Inspecting properties
  • Negotiating and completing contracts
  • Bidding at auction
  • Negotiating all aspects, including settlement dates, inclusions and special conditions
  • Accessing a trusted network of experts (incl. legal, finance & building)
  • Keeping you informed throughout the entire process
  • Reviewing legal documents
  • Helping you choose a real estate agent to sell your property
  • Provide advise on suitable marketing and property values

First Home Buyers Challenges. We help first home buyers purchase their first house, home or property

Who we like to help:

Buyers Home Base is buyer’s advocacy service that helps a range of Victorian property buyers including:

  • First home buyers
  • Widows / widowers
  • Divorcees
  • Sole Parents
  • Retirees
  • Empty Nesters
  • Disabled Persons
  • Anybody feeling lost and alone!

We’ve helped prospective property purchasers just like you, save thousands on purchasing a new home, unit or investment property. The flat, low, Buyers Home Base fee means everyone can now benefit from the professional services of a Buyers Advocate.

Clients that do not have the time, or the knowledge of where to begin a property search turn to us to get the ball rolling. Today it’s your turn.

Already in the property hunt?

If you’ve been searching for your dream home and are dis-heartened by not finding properties you like, tired of losing out at auctions or feel unhappy that your offers at private sales are being rejected – Buyers Home Base can help you. It’s time you moved into your ideal home sooner - see how we can help you.

Assistance for Existing Home Buyers & Property Investors

Because of the large number of our first home buyers referring their friends and family, we now find ourselves servicing an expanded market.  Including investors and second home buyers.

This new Buyers Home Base service is available for all existing homeowners and Property Investors - for the low, flat fee of $6,000 [EX GST]. We will continue to offer our low, flat $3,000 [EX GST]  fee for First Home Buyers that are purchasing below $700,000.

Investors and existing home owners are often not buying in the same area they are in. They are often time poor. This means we spend more time travelling to research and inspect potential properties. First Home Buyers complete a lot of the legwork themselves. They have the time to inspect the homes we recommend.

If you are looking at buying a new home or purchasing an investment property - speak to us today and see how you can save.


It’s been a while since you’ve purchased property and now it’s time to downsize. Buyers Home Base help you select a trustworthy agent to sell your home – we can also help you buy your new home. Where do you look? How do you negotiate? What’s better for you - “off the plan” or established properties? The experts at Buyers Home Base remove the confusion and stress for you.

For First Home Buyers purchasing under $700,000 our low, Buyers Advocate flat fee of $3,000 [EX GST] is an investment that can save you thousands, reduce your stress and have you moving much sooner! Discover how Buyers Home Base fits into your picture.

“Above and beyond”

Thank you for all your help and guidance finding and securing an amazing apartment for us!!

You went above and beyond scouting potential locations and working to our very short time frame! We wouldn't have gotten what we wanted without you and I would definitely recommend your service to anyone looking to purchase a property!

Emma Thickett

Real Estate Agents Revealed

Real Estate Agents are an important part of buying a house. They are professional, friendly and know the market. However, they are working for the seller – not you. They’re aim is to get the highest price for their client – quickly. They are experts in real estate processes and negotiation, and it's important for you the Buyer to remember who they are working for......the Seller.

The team at Buyers Home Base stand by your side and together we create a level playing field.

Buyer’s Advocates are experienced negotiators and know the tricks of the real estate trade. Sellers have their Selling Agent negotiating for them. Who do you have that's on your side negotiating for YOU?

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, think of how much it may cost you by attempting to negotiate against a trained, real estate agent.

Your challenges - sorted

If you're finding it difficult to get started - relax. We've included some tips to help overcome your challenges. See them for yourself - here.

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