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"After just 4 weeks of looking…I have bought a home! It happened very quickly because Julie had done all of the searching and sorting, selecting only the best properties for my perusal - which saved me so much time and energy. I would have also paid $15,000 more for this property, but with Julie's quick negotiation skills - I got it just in time ..."

Lucy Chapman

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Buyers Advocacy Melbourne

Buying a property is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.  It can be a very stressful and time consuming exercise. Using a professional Buyers Advocate in Melbourne can save you time, money and most importantly stress, particularly when buying your first home, house or property.

What is the Buyer's Advocacy Service ?

Buyer's Advocates (or Buyer's Agents) are a professionals that specialise in searching, inspecting, evaluating or assessing and negotiating the purchase of a home on behalf of the Buyer. They do not sell real estate.

Sellers have their real estate agents, selling agents or vendor advocates working for them. And do remember, no matter how nice they are…. they are still working for their seller and providing vendor advocacy services!

By engaging Buyers Home Base, you can level the playing field in the highly competitive property market that exists in Melbourne today.  You have an experienced team of fully qualified licensed professional real estate specialists to guide you through all of the various processes of buying a property making sure that you are buying the right home – AND at the right price.

And do remember, an Advocate is, or certainly should be, totally independant of the seller and working just for you.

Buyer Advocate Melbourne Fees

Typically a Buyer's Advocate or Buyer's Agent will charge anywhere from 1% to 3% of the purchase price of the home for their services, with the minimum being a flat $7,000 fee to the best of our knowledge.

As far as we know, we are the ONLY Buyer's Advocacy service in Melbourne for first home buyers where you are charged only a Flat Fee of only $3,000 [plus GST]  for property purchases under $700,000.

At Buyers Home Base, we felt we could not substantiate charging thousands of dollars more through a percentage based Fee for our service simply because your chosen house costs more.

The job of acquiring a $500,000 home is the same job for us, as would be the case for purchasing a $2,000,000 home. We believe that the people who need a buyers agent service most, are those people purchasing their first Melbourne property, so we have set our Fees accordingly ... but we certainly do help property investors and those people buying their second or subsequent residential property or an investment property.

This allows you to access the buyer advocate services that have only been available to the upper end of the market. These services are now available and affordable for YOU ... the First Home Buyer!

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So, if you're buying your first home or you're property investors looking at buying a Melbourne property or property in Melbourne and you're looking for help from a property Buyer's Advocate or Buyer's Agent service in Melbourne, call us on 1 300 882 842 or complete our online form to request your no obligation free consultation so we can help you save time, money and stress and find your ideal property today!

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