What is a Buyers Agent or a Buyers Advocate?


What is a Buyers Advocate (or a Buyers Agent)?

Buyers Advocates (and Buyers Agents) are licensed professionals that specialise in searching, inspecting, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of a home on behalf of the Buyer.  They do not work with or for any Agent or Real Estate Agency. They are there ONLY for the Buyers. Sellers have their Selling Agent working for them (and no matter how nice they may be),…. they are still working for their Seller. Buyers Home Base has levelled the playing field by making the services of a Buyers Advocate available to everyone.

We have helped hundreds of buyers, (First Home Buyers, Investors, Up-sizers, Down-sizers and Developers) purchase properties and homes all across the Melbourne metro and regional areas. Our team are all home based and are situated all across the city, so no matter where you want to buy…..we have you covered!

What is a Buyers Advocate?

Are they licensed?

Buyers Advocate Principals are fully licensed Real Estate Agents They should have attained a Certificate IV in Real Estate and then successfully applied to the Business Licensing Authority (BLA).

Also, in Victoria, they must have acted as a Real Estate Agents representative and held that license for a minimum of 2 years.

Be aware however, that there are some Principals of Buyer Advocacy's operating in Victoria, who go to NSW, get their license, and then return to Victoria and operate a Buyers Advocacy, without meeting the requirement of having had a minimum of two years Real Estate Agency experience. They may have no more Real Estate experience than you have, so we strongly recommend that you investigate any prospective Buyers Agents Principals and determine actual Real Estate experience before engaging their services. Whilst this is legal, Buyers Home Base does not feel that it is an ethical practice. We at Buyers Home Base are proud to say that our team has over 80 years of combined Real Estate sales experience between us. We know how to “play the game” of buying Real Estate.

Why use a Buyers Advocate?

There can be a whole number of reasons to use a Buyers Advocate (or Buyers Agent) including:

  1. They can save you the time involved in researching properties, analysing markets and, in some cases, liaising with banks and solicitors.
  2. They can help you source suitable loan options.
  3. They can provide knowledge and insight for locations you’re unfamiliar with.
  4. They can save you travel expenses if you’re researching properties from interstate or overseas.
  5. They can provide advice and analysis for specific properties you’re interested in.
  6. They can access information about property sales yet to be listed. Real Estate Agents call them first when an “Off The Market” property is about to be announced.
  7. They can reveal details about a property that the Seller’s Agent won’t necessarily expose or an untrained individual may not ask the right questions or realise the implications that may impact price and negotiations.
  8. They will attempt to negotiate to secure the lowest possible purchase price for a property, and a Settlement Date that works best for you.
  9. They are skilled negotiators and now when and how to take a property off the market prior to an Auction, or how to skilfully bid at an Auction on your behalf.
  10. They will help you get your weekends back, much, much sooner than if you enter the marketplace on your own.

A Buyer's Agent can help you secure a better property, a better price, or ideally both, whilst saving you time and heartache!

By engaging the Buyer Advocacy service of Buyers Home Base, you can level the playing field.  You have a professional to guide you through all of the various processes making sure that you are buying the right home – AND at the right price.

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