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Take the guesswork out of property investment

If you want to take the guesswork out of buying an Investment Property, then our Strategic Property Investment Service is for you. This service is backed by a cutting edge technology and an Artificial Intelligence that leaves nothing to chance for anyone wanting to invest in the Australian property market.

Our advisory partner brings a proven methodology that has years of experience at helping Investors buying investment properties all across Australia. With a track record of over 90% of the investment properties generating more than 15% equity in their first year. There are approximately 15,264 suburbs in Australia to choose from when looking to buy an investment property. Only 20-25 are approved by our advisory.

We are the first in to investment hot spots. By the time you have attended other investment seminars, watched investment webinars and read the books, we have been (before the crowds that have this same information arrive and drive the prices UP!), purchased the investment property for our Client and have moved on to the next hot spot.

Our Strategic Property Investment Service Australia wide

Still taking the holistic approach, we combine high tech research with the personal human touch for our Investors. This has always been the Buyers Home Base trademark of service. Offering buyers wanting to invest in the Australian property market a unique service that has the perfect blend of an on the ground, street-wise Buyers Advocate or Buyers Agent by your side, and combining this with performance driven, strategic nationwide analytics. Assisting our savvy investors wanting to build wealth and add to their property portfolio every step of the way.

Here’s what your Buyers Advocate will do for you ...

  • Assist You in completing an online assessment that will result in a Strategic Brief summarizing your Property Investment Strategy
  • Provide you with an Approved Location report of locations that match the objectives of your Strategic Brief. The Approved Location report is produced by inputting your key criteria into our system, performing analysis of every suburb in Australia daily to find the High-Performance opportunities.
  • Conduct detailed due diligence in the Approved Locations and recommending properties that match your criteria. Appraise the recommended properties, determine key performance information. Provide assessed Property Intelligence Reports for each recommended property that are discussed with you.
  • For the selected recommended properties, we contact the Real Estate agents and work with you throughout the entire negotiation process, advising on value, anticipated purchase price and strategy to purchase the chosen property.
  • Inspection of selected properties with a video report prior to making an offer
  • We can also recommend Solicitors, Conveyancers, Finance Brokers, Building and Pest Inspectors (N.B. we do NOT take any commissions from these professionals, or any other person or company at any time. Nor do we take any responsibility in relation to any chosen adviser).
  • Liaise with your selected professionals (Solicitors, Conveyancers, Finance Brokers, Building and Pest Inspectors) throughout the Negotiation process through to Settlement
  • Advise preparing the property to be advertised, attracting your best Tenant at the best price.
  • Make recommendations for Property Managers selection
  • Negotiate and liaise with selected Property Manager to secure an acceptable Tenant as quickly as possible (if vacant).

Strategic Property Investment Service Testimonials

Our Client Peter explains some of the benefits he gained from our Strategic Property Investor Service.

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