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"We are both business owners and feel quite comfortable in commercial situations - but we knew nothing about the Real Estate market or any of the ins and outs of purchasing our first home. Buyers Home Base offered a wealth of industry knowledge which helped us determine what we were REALLY after."

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Where to Buy A House, Home or Property in Melbourne?

When you're considering where to buy a house, home or property in Melbourne, once you have established realistic goals, you should be able to select an area where you can live. To help identify your realistic areas, begin by asking yourself:

  1. How much can you afford to spend on your house, home or property purchase?
  2. How many years do you intend to live in the property or home?
  3. If you had to choose between ideal house or home or ideal location – which would it be?

Question three [above] helps you consider important options – is it the location or the actual type of property that is of more value to you. This means, if the location you would prefer to live in is at the upper end of your budget, you may need to sacrifice building or property quality/size when determining where to buy property.

If the quality and size of your property is important, you may have to sacrifice location. Once you’ve established these criteria, you can begin to focus on key locations. However, there are further factors to consider including accessibility of nearby schools, facilities, transport plus families and friends. These will all impact on your decisions as to where to buy a house and youre lifestyle now and in the future.

Experience shows that the clearer you are on where you want to buy a house or a home in Melbourne, the better your purchase decision.

We’ve helped potential property buyers – just like you – establish clear ojectives regarding the property locations that enhance their lifestyle.

We an help you determine where to buy property in Melbourne

If you need help determining where to buy a home, house or property in Melbourne ... We can help you too!

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